seeking today

scratch me, scrape me

slap me

stab me

just don’t forget me



can I really blame Her for the silence

all She did was

use Her words

to take away mine

—the power of words


forgetting how to speak

I scratched and I scraped

Mama, please listen

I try to tell Her

wrapped in a towel, naked limbs beaded with soapy water

I try to tell her

Mama, please listen

you don’t have to love me

just please don’t forget me



I came to her

sobbing for fixing

fix me fix me

how can she fix me

if she’s broken too

—time to fix myself


I’m tired

of this broken

I’m tired of crying

on the outside

but even more tired

of crying on the inside

because that kind of crying

never stops



I say you’re beautiful

I say I love you

so I can look in the mirror

and see someone

worth looking at


worth loving




thicken my tongue like honey dripping

words to kiss my pieces together

words to fix the broken

that is this world

my beautiful words, words with wings

imprisoned no longer

they lift me with them

they set me free



I’d like to believe

there are no endings

only beginnings

and this is mine



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