out of my mind

As someone who is always on the go, I treasure the bits of boredom that occasionally grace my life. And I’m loath to give them up. Yesterday, however, I had three papers to complete, and a total of twenty pages to write. I couldn’t see any sort of boredom or downtime in the near future. Which meant I was finally busy enough to start a blog.

I’m the kind of person who rarely procrastinates. When I do procrastinate, however, I procrastinate productively. If I have a paper due tomorrow, I’ll work on the project due next week. If I have a paper due tonight, I’ll write a blog.

That’s probably why my life seems to consist exclusively of work and more work. And because my brain is always so clogged with worries and reminders, it doesn’t have the space to observe and appreciate. It’s borderline sinful how rarely I notice details of the world around me and, conversely, how often I’m swept up by my own thoughts.

The phrase “you’re out of your mind” basically means “you’re crazy.” But, honestly, I’d like to get out of my mind from time to time. Maybe I’ll even stop and sniff the azaleas.


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