sleepless ft. puppy princess

Neither Nalla nor I could sleep last night. I’m not sure what her excuse was, but I was up til 3 reading Clash of Kings. (That’s the kind of fun I have on a Friday night.) By the time I decided to go to sleep, Nalla was already curled up in blankets beside me, ready for lights out. I flip the switch and burrow under the covers with her.

Five minutes later, Nalla stands up, ninety pounds of her parading around the bed. And I’m like, “Nalla, baby, what are you doing.” Apparently she had plans (to be fair, it was Friday night); she leapt to the floor and padded over to the door whining. So I get up and let her out to do who knows what, then shut the door and head back to bed.

Five minutes later: she’s whining at the door again. I spend a quick second wondering if she would stop if I ignored her and resumed falling asleep. But I knew better (Nalla is persistent). Once again, I get up, open the door, and let my fickle companion onto her—I mean my—bed. At this point, I have to use the restroom.

When I return, Nalla is happily sprawled across the bed, her ninety fluffy golden pounds smack dab in my spot. I am not particularly happy about this. I’m a right-side-of-the-bed kind of girl. Besides, it’s my bed. Moreover, we have an agreement; she has her spot, I have mine. Alas, at four something AM I try explaining this to her. It doesn’t work.

Nalla has difficulty understanding that she is, in fact, not a princess. (She takes me too literally sometimes.) So I coo, I cajole, I try coaxing her into her pre-agreed-upon spot. She doesn’t budge. We end up in an awkward cuddle, my legs folding over her body like blankets. About a half hour later, she disrupts this semi-functional configuration so she can whine at the door again. I let her out, leave the door open, and head back to bed. I claim my spot and spend the next hour attempting to sleep as she continues her coming and going.

It’s five AM, and I hear whining coming from the bathroom. And then paws in the bathtub. Nalla is thirsty, and she likes her water straight from the source. So I get up, run the bath for a bit until she’s satisfied, and finally head back to bed. At this point, she is cozy in her spot, ready for sleepy time. I am completely awake, and, more importantly, ravenous. So I resign myself to starting my Saturday morning early. I grab a banana and return to my room to grab my computer. Of course, Nalla is snoring.


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