my scholarship search frenzy

College is EXPENSIVE. Tuition is expensive. Room and board is expensive. Even books are expensive. College. Is. Expensive.

I recently submitted my transfer applications to William & Mary and UVA. I’ve been spoiled by community college prices for the past few semesters— at NOVA, tuition is a tenth of the price of anywhere else, and room and board is free as long as you can put up with your parents. I’ve been crunching numbers to figure out expenses for next year, and the prognosis is ugly. How do people seem to magically come up with tens of thousands of dollars?

I’m working on it. In the past two days, I’ve applied to twice as many scholarships. If you’re too sleepy to do math, that’s four scholarships including four applications and four essays. I’ve found another seven that I’m in the process of applying for.

My goal: $10,000 in scholarship money. I have no idea how realistic that is. Regardless, it’s barely enough to cover room and board. But, for now, I’ll take what I can get.

Comment if you share this struggle or if you have any advice. 🙂


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