meet Maria

The other day, I watched one of my all-time favorite movies, The Sound of Music. It was an experience: enjoyable, because the movie is fantastic, but bittersweet, because of the nostalgia.

When I was six, my mom bought a brand new Honda Odyssey complete with a DVD player— my new home. My dad lived in New York, and my mom in Virginia, so I grew up on road trips. Six hours up the Susquehanna river, accompanied by a decent dose of Julie Andrews.

I remember being a kid and wishing Maria was my governess. To this day, she inspires me. I love her confidence, her compassion, and her grit. Unlike most women in 20th century films (including Disney princesses), Maria is a strong protagonist fit to be any little girl’s role model. She certainly was one of mine.

Maria taught me so many important lessons, by example and through song. Have confidence. Show compassion to those in need. Savor and share the joys in life. Above all else, fight for what you believe in.

To make matters better, Maria didn’t just live happily ever after; she saved her prince (AKA the captain) too. What a refreshing plot twist, especially for a 60s film. Forget Disney princesses: meet Maria von Trapp.


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