How To: Meet People

Lately, I’ve been frequenting social dances. I go with my friends, and we have a blast. I love to dance; I also love to talk to people. I enjoy conversing with strangers as they whisk me around the floor. I’ve met a host of interesting characters over the past month, and I’ve learned a lot about the art of meeting people.

As a result, I’ve made significant progress in answering the following universal questions:

How do you initiate conversation? How do you maintain it? How do you conclude it?

  1. Always start with a smile. It took me a while to realize how much of a difference a smile makes because I’m the type of person who’s always smiling. Every now and then, however, I’d be lost in my thoughts when introducing myself, and I noticed a trend; people are so much more receptive to warm, genuine smiles.
  2. Make sure to exchange names. Try your best to remember theirs, but, if you forget, just ask again. Referring to people by their name is so important to interaction.
  3. Introduce yourself with relevant information. When I’m dancing with someone similar in age, I’ll tell them where I go to school and what I’m studying. Usually, they’ll respond in kind, and we’ll have a conversation.
  4. Ask questions; show curiosity. I usually ask people about their dance experience— what got them interested? How often do they come out? People love to talk about themselves, and it can be quite pleasant to listen. But don’t just listen for the sake of listening. If you’re not content with the topic of discussion, change it.
  5. The Law of Similarities and Differences: There are two ways people can successfully carry conversation. One, if they are discussing what they have in common. Two, if each person discovers something different about the other and expresses a desire to learn about it. It always boils down to mutual interest.
  6. Be sincere. Be open. Be yourself.
  7. I’m still working on goodbyes. I usually conclude by thanking the person for the conversation and highlighting what about it I most enjoyed. If I wish to continue later, I’ll ask to exchange contact information.

People are so interesting; they can also be really friendly if given the chance. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you laughed and maybe even learned a little. In any case, I wish you all a social St. Patrick’s Saturday!

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