the joy of solitude

Lately, I’ve been spending more and more time by myself. When I was younger, I couldn’t stand extended periods of time without socializing. Since I started college, however, I’ve not only grown to enjoy it; I’ve begun to seek it out. I sincerely appreciate my own company. It’s refreshing to be able to think, and muse, and dream without distraction. I find it much easier to focus when I’m on my own.

I am so productive sitting in bed surrounded by papers and books. But I don’t limit my alone-time to work and study. I know how to have a good time with just me, myself, & I.

Some of my favorite solitary activities include…

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Taking long walks
  4. Cuddling with my furry friends
  5. Napping with my furry friends

But I also like to…

  1. Take myself out to eat
  2. Take myself out dancing
  3. Attend interesting events
  4. People-watch
  5. Explore; hop on the bus or metro and see where it takes me

I’ve come to the conclusion that me-time is healthy. Especially considering my extroverted nature—I spend so much time with and around people, which is wonderful. Because of that, however, it’s necessary for me to reserve some attention for myself as well.


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